Healing Program

The Healing Program arose out of ten-year collaboration between Dr Rob Rutledge, an Oncologist, and Dr Timothy Walker, a Psychotherapist. With it, they have helped thousands of people. The success of their approach comes from people seeing and accepting the whole human experience, including 'negative' emotions such as fear. People who go through the Healing Program learn they can face - and potentially embrace and transform - whatever comes with diagnosis and treatment.  You can have incurable cancer and yet feel your life has been healed.

In its essence, the Healing Program teaches you how to empower yourself by using information, skills and a loving perspective on ways to take care of your body and settle your mind.

In this program, you will learn mindfulness-based stress reduction, meditation, relaxation and many other ways to promote a deeper sense of healing and tap into the spiritual realm. By watching large and small group discussions you will also witness the transformation of ordinary, yet remarkable people as they share their greatest difficulties and show inner strength even they did not know they had. See them here in our 45-minute Healing and Cancer documentary.

Ultimately, we know the Healing Program will give you the best chance of recovery from cancer and a way to reclaim your already-existing wholeness.

General advice about how to follow this program

We have divided this program into eight modules and we encourage you to do them at home. The program can be done in a small group, or with a loved one, or by yourself. Each module includes the video of the lectures, a segment on coping skills and small group discussions taken from a real weekend retreat in Vancouver Island, Canada. There are links as well to chapters from our book The Healing Circle. See below for a complete index of the video, exercises and homework for each module.

You can empower yourself by using this program in a number of ways:

1.  Follow each module in sequence and follow the exercise one module at a time, completing the course over a number of weeks. Go through the material at a pace that is right for you and go back to exercises and meditations as often as you like.

2.  If possible, watch the video and do the exercises with a loved one or friend (you may even create your own support group for the entire series). If you’re watching with others, write down your answers to the ‘By yourself’ questions first before discussing your answers. If you watch the video by yourself, please share your experience with at least one other person so you can express any thoughts and feelings about the program or what you are going through.

The material presented here is rich with intense emotions and issues that often aren’t discussed in our ordinary lives. Use the video as an opportunity to have conversations you wouldn’t have otherwise – you may be surprised by the reflections that come up.

3.  You will gain the most benefit from the program by participating fully in every exercise as you’re watching. During the meditations, put down any item you may be holding, sit upright and follow along. Sometimes you’ll be asked to close your eyes, so listen to the instructions without looking at the screen. Some exercises require you to get down on the floor on a yoga mat or thick blanket. Use pillows or a roll for your knees if necessary to make yourself comfortable. If you’re unable to do an exercise for any reason then simply follow along as best you can. Even visualizing the exercise in your mind can have a positive effect on your body. Lastly, listen to your body and stay within your own limits.

 4.  Get a journal for the Healing Program. Writing down your reflections at the end of each day can bring surprising insights about yourself you may not be aware of. Write whatever comes into your head first without judging the thoughts. Later you can go back, read, reflect and write more on what you’ve already written.

5.  Practice. Practice. Practice. With each of the ten modules you’ll be given a specific set of meditations and/or relaxation exercises to do every day. By practicing this homework, or using the other healing practices available on this website, or using your own set of techniques, you can have a tremendous effect on your health and happiness.

Medical disclaimer: This program is meant to be integrated into the care provided by your traditional health care providers and in no way should be used as an alternative to the standard care. Please seek advice from a medical professional before doing any of the gentle physical activity in this program.